Concord and Agreement Bahasa Inggris

Concord and Agreement Bahasa Inggris

Concord merupakan pola persesuaian (agreement) antara subyek (noun) dengan kata kerja (verb) atau kata kerja bantu (auxiliary) dalam suatu kalimat. Juga persesuaian  antara  satu  kata  dengan  kata  lainnya (word agreement).

–      Apabila  subyek  singular  (tunggal),  maka  verb/

auxiliary tunggal.

–      Apabila subyek plural (jamak), maka verb/auxiliary



He comes there;

T           T


They come there.




  1. Bila subyek mempunyai dua noun yang dihubung- kan preposisi/kata  depan  of,  in,  on,  at,  maka verb yang mengikuti bisa jamak bisa juga tunggal bergantung noun di depan preposisi.


–      Different interpretations on the same event by

various newspapers make readers confused

and angry.

–      A period of eight hours is not enough to finish

this assignment.


  1. Bila subyek mempunyai dua noun yang dihubung- kan oleh together with, accompanied by, dan as well as, a long with bisa diikuti verb jamak maupun tunggal, tergantung noun depan.


–      The  minister  together  with  the  wives  and

children attends the meeting.

–      The ministers together with the wives and

children attend the meeting.


  1. Bila subyek: the number of + verb tunggal. Contoh:

The number of students does the exam.


  1. Bila subyek: a number of + verb jamak. Contoh: A

number of students do the exam

  1. Bila  subyek:   everyone,   everybody,   somebody, someone, something, no one/none, nothing, no

body, anyone, anybody, anything + verb tunggal

maka kata ganti jamak.

Keterangan:  kata-kata  di  atas  diikuti  oleh  verb

tunggal tetapi kata gantinya jamak.


–       Everyone likes her. They are happy.

–       Nobody knows their faults.


  1. Bila subyek: each of, each, every, neither/neither

of, one of, either/either of + verb tunggal.

Contoh: Each of students studies hard.


  1. Bila subyek  menyatakan  jumlah  jarak,  waktu, uang, berat, volume + verb tunggal


–      One hundred dollars is expensive for this hat.

–      Two hours is not enough to do the test.


8.                          Bila subyek: benda-benda sepasang seperti shoes, trousers, glasses, socks, scissors + verb jamak. Contoh: His glasses are nice


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