3 Things to Consider before Study in Belgium

Study in Belgium, Almost everyone has the desire to continue studying abroad. Moreover, many countries can become study destinations. One of them is Belgium. This country is one of the countries that are quite popular among international students and certainly not without reason. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider studying in Belgium.

1. Cost of Living and Tuition in Belgium

One of the obstacles that often make students discourage their desire to study abroad is the problem of living and tuition fees. However, this need not be a concern for you because it turns out that the cost of studying in Belgium is quite affordable. Although tuition fees are cheap, it turns out that the quality of education in Belgium is very good and quality assurance. In addition, the cost of living in Belgium is not too expensive. However, this of course really depends on the lifestyle of each individual. If you need additional fees, you can do a part time work. The Belgian government allows international students to work 20 hours per week.

2. Education Systems in Belgium

The education system in Belgium is one of the best in the world. Higher education in Belgium places more emphasis on research and applied science. This will certainly make it easier for students who have graduated to have a career in various well-known companies.

3. Notable Alumni of Best Universities in Belgium

You can find many alumni of leading universities in Belgium who are now big and famous figures. One of them is Otto von Hasburg. This Austrian-born politician studied political and social science at the University of Leuven, Belgium. In addition, you can also meet Leo Baekeland who is a Belgian-American chemist. One of Ghent University is called the Father of the Plastic Industry for his invention of Bakelite.

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