3 Interesting Facts about Education in British Columbia

Study in British Columbia, Interesting facts about education in British Columbia that you need to know before deciding to continue your education there.

Canada is known as student-friendly country as it has high quality of education system. One of its best cities that is popular among of international students who come to study is British Columbia. It has world recognized educational institutions, giving alumni a relief in pursuing their dream careers. Those who want to move from one institution or program study to another will also find the supporting transfer system. If students need financial support, there are also many scholarship and special programs to apply for.

2. Education System in British Columbia

Education in British Columbia is classified into three main categories, i.e. elementary and secondary schools, post-secondary institutions and also distance and online learning. Each of them has its own application requirements. For your ease, it is recommended to directly contact the international education office of institution you want to enter.

3. Famous Person Who Were Alumni of the oldest and top university in British Columbia

Do you know that there are three Canadian Prime Ministers who were alumni of the oldest and top university in British Columbia? They are Kim Campbell, John Turner and Justin Trudeau. Does it mean you must be a politician after completing the education in British Columbia? Of course not. You have numerous opportunities of career to choose. It is because of many programs offered that fit to various working fields such as agriculture, fishery, transportation, tourism, films and mining.