3 Must Know Facts about Studying in Edmonton

Study in Edmonton, Considering to study in Edmonton? You have come to the right place. The city has excellent education system where college students are prepared to enter the real world.  The number of those who choose to stay permanently is even getting higher, forming multicultural society. Also, as a great tourist destination, Edmonton offers exciting social life with many festivals and activities to enjoy.

1. People Who Can Study in Edmonton

Edmonton becomes the home of top universities that invites more and more students from all over the world. It is said that graduates just spent quite short time in their job searching because many employers recognize the quality of education system in this city. You can also see the related facts by naming some notable people who studied in Edmonton. Take for example Nathan Fillion, Don Iveson and Eric Allan Kramer.

2. Education System Quality

Edmonton has high quality education system, known as one of the best in Canada and even the world. It has five terms of studying level:

· Early childhood education: pre-school and kindergarten

· Elementary education: grade 1 - 6

· Secondary education: grade 7-9

· High/senior education: grade 10-12

· Higher/post-secondary-education: college, university and graduate school

3. Circumstances for International Students

If you come as an international student, you do not need to worry about the language barrier because most educational institution use both English and French. To support your financial needs, you are still allowed to do part-time job while studying. It is up to 20 hours each week and up to 30 hours per week during summer and winter.