3 Why Study in Egypt

Study in Egypt, Going to Egypt for study? Why not? This country offers plenty of chances for enthusiastic learners. Being a student in Egypt allows you to explore more than just seeing the world-famous ancient heritage like pyramids, sphinx, mummified remains of Pharaohs, Cleopatra’s beauty secret and so on.

1. Quality education within multicultural environment

By counting the remaining historic legacy, it can be seen how Egypt’s education system at the ancient times was. This country has been the home of writers, scientists, artists and intellectuals for thousand years. And today’s government still places education as priority, proven by the existence of more internationally competitive higher institutions. Studying in Egypt even become more exciting because students live within the multicultural environment. Students will get the chances to learn more about foods, language, dressing, traditions, customs and social atmosphere outside the classroom.

2. Affordable studying and living cost

Compared to other most popular educational destinations in the world, the education and living cost in Egypt is relatively more affordable. Students have plenty choices of housing facility that suit to their budget. Plus, there are also many scholarships and other financial aids available for both local and international scholars, so they can arrange the more effective and efficient budget plan for their education in Egypt.

3. Famous people studied in Egypt

As the home of prestigious universities, Egypt is also where thousands of world-famous figures went to study. Take for example the former Palestinian president, Yasser Arafat, who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. In 1949, he went to Cairo’s King Fuad University, today’s known as Cairo University, and studied civil engineering. Next, there is Hussein bin Talal who was known as the King of Jordan from 1952 until 1999. He went to Victoria College in Alexandria, Egypt after completing the elementary education in his birthplace, Amman.