Consider These 3 Things before Study in Gold Coast

Study in Gold Coast, The Gold Coast is not only a tourist destination but also one of the best study destinations in Australia. Living on the Gold Coast can be a lot of fun for students. If you are also interested in continuing your studies to the Gold Coast, you may need to consider the following.

1. Balance between Education and Entertainment

Not all study destinations are comfortable places to live. However, this will be different when you choose the Gold Coast. This place can balance your study needs as well as a fun entertainment spot. the climate there is subtropical where you can find summers with sunny and mild weather and winters accompanied by rain and humidity.

2. Affordable Tuition Fee

The Gold Coast is one of the most affordable study destinations. Although the rent there may be a little higher, the cost of studying at public universities on the Gold Coast is relatively low. Of course, the cost of living of each person can also be different depending on the lifestyle of each individual. The tuition fees you spend may be more economical when compared to when you choose another place to study in Australia.

3. Notable People Who Studied on the Gold Coast

You'll find some of the most prominent personalities who studied on the Gold Coast. One of them is Brian Jean. He is a politician and lawyer who graduated with a Master of Business Administration at Bond University, Gold Coast. In addition, you can also get to know Minna Atherton, who is an Australian competitive swimmer who has won a number of championships.