3 Reasons to Study in Iowa

Study in Iowa, Iowa is situated in the center of the US Midwest region. that is why it is called as Corn-Belt. It is blessed with fertile soil, making the state gain the strength in agriculture. But it is not the only reason why studying in Iowa is worthwhile.

1. Iowa offers plenty of opportunities

Iowa education system is known as one of the best in the United States, consistently being on the top three based on the college entrance exam scores. Students have various choices of institutions to enter including 3 public universities, 31 private colleges and universities, and 15 community colleges. They can experience the excellent education with the affordable tuition as well as living costs. More opportunities are offered in the work field, especially for fresh graduates, following the state’s strengths in agriculture, biotech and financial industries. Not only becoming the home of top employers, Iowa is also a strategic place for start-ups and business expansions.

2. Iowa is more than just flatland

Being the food capital of the world does not mean Iowa is only flatland. The state’s geographical features are including hills, valleys, prairies, savannahs, wooded land, lakes and rivers. That is why students have plenty of choices to enjoy outdoor activities. They can visit the Iowa Great Lakes, Yellow River State Forest, Maquoketa Cave and many more.

3. Famous figures who once studied in Iowa

One of top educational institutions in Iowa is the University of Iowa. Situated in Iowa City, the centre of arts and culture, many of its alumni gain the fame in entertainment industry. Take for example Nicholas Meyer, an American writer and director. He wrote The Seven-Per-Count Solution novel from the Sherlock Holmes series and directed some films including the Star Trek, the Day After and Vendetta. Another famous figure that graduated from the University of Iowa is Donald Lee Hall or known as Don Hall. He works for Walt Disney Animation Studios as film director, voice actor and writer. Some of his works are Winnie the Pooh and Moana.