3 Things Should Consider before Study in Japan

Study in Japan, Japan is one of the attractive study destinations for international students. Here are some things you should know before you study in Japan.

1. Quality Education in Japan

The quality of education in Japan is known to be very competitive and good. Many universities and institutes in Japan are famous for their excellence in many fields ranging from biology, technology, medicine, or others. This is proven by several universities in Japan that are ranked among the best on a global scale. In fact, degrees obtained by university graduates in Japan have been recognized internationally.

2. Disciplined Cultures and Lifestyle

The Japanese are known for their highly organized and disciplined lifestyle. This is shown starting from small things such as punctuality, queuing culture, and others. These habits and culture form a good personality. If you study in Japan, of course you can learn how to have a disciplined and orderly lifestyle so that you can be more productive.

3. Notable Alumni from Best Universities in Japan

Many alumni of major universities in Japan are successful in their careers and lives. One of them is Satoru Iwata, alumni of the Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is a businessman, video game designer, video game programmer, and producer. He is the fourth president and CEO of Nintendo. In addition, you also know Akira Yoshino who is a Japanese chemist. He has graduated with Doctor in Engineering from Osaka University in 2005.