Consider 3 Things before Study in La Paz

Study in La Paz, Many of the world's leading universities can be your study abroad destination. One that could be an interesting choice is Bolivia. You can continue your studies in one of the South American countries. Here are some things to consider if you are interested in studying in La Paz.

1. Higher Education in La Paz

Higher education in La Paz is not much different from that in other countries. Higher education there is available in two avenues namely pregado which is an undergraduate university and offers superior engineering degrees and licenses and postgraduate programs which award doctoral degrees. In addition, you will also find teacher-training programs to give educators the opportunity to advance and develop skills in the classroom. The quality of higher education in La Paz is also quite good.

2. Cost of Living and Tuition in La Paz

Another advantage if you choose La Paz as your study destination is the relatively affordable tuition and living costs there. You can take a scholarship program to help you financially during your studies. In addition, you can also take part-time work according to the visa conditions to get additional pocket money.

3. Notable Alumni from La Paz

You can get to know Alcides Arguedas. He is a Bolivian writer and historian. His literary works were quite influential on the social thought of the Bolivian people in the first half of the 21st century. In addition, you can get to know Luis Arce who is one of the notable alumni from La Paz. The 67th President of Bolivia is a graduate of the Higher University of San Andres.