3 Consideration Why Study in Morocco

Study in Morocco, Selecting a place to study is very important to make the most of your investment of time, energy and money for sure. If you are looking for a destination abroad, you may need to consider about Morocco. Yes, it is a country in African continent. If you wonder why, it is worth studying there, here are some great reasons to enlighten your mind.

1. Culture and food

Morocco is where east meets west. You can see the mix of European, African and Arabic culture at one place. Studying in Morocco even offers a great chance to explore its diverse culture which is influenced more by Arabic, French, Jewish, Berber and Spanish legacies. When it comes to culinary, it is very amazing. You will find various foods consisting of great ingredients like saffron, olives, flatbread and za’atar. There is also couscous, a popular dish in Africa and the middle east.

2. Affordable education and living cost

Compared to other international destination, the cost of living and education in Morocco is relatively cheaper. There are 14 universities and other technical institutions to choose, with business, medical and engineering as the most sought-after programs. Mainly, the learning activity is delivered in French, but there are also schools using English as the language instruction. Interestingly, by getting around with classmates and locals, you will be able to learn and practice Arabic during your stay in Morocco.

3. Famous people studied in Morocco

Morocco is also the home of many world-known figures, including the current king, Mohammed VI. He acceded to the throne after his father’s death, King Hassan II, and known as the wealthiest king in Africa based on Forbes. Becoming the Crown Prince from birth, King Mohammed VI attended the primary and secondary education at College Royal and went to the Mohammed V University for bachelor’s degree in law. From the same institution, there is also the former prime minister, Driss Jettou, who graduated in physics and chemistry.