3 Things Should Consider before Study in Netherlands

Study in Netherland, Many students from various countries are interested in continuing their studies in the Netherlands. The quality of education and better facilities are one of the reasons for studying in the windmill country. Let's peek at 3 facts about studying in the Netherlands.

1. Lecture System in Netherlands is Independent and Interactive

The lecture system applied in the Netherlands is more student-centered learning. Although in this case the lecturers also continue to provide lectures and basic materials, students are given the freedom to find various additional materials on their own. In addition, the lecture system is also interactive between lecturers and students so that generally lectures are filled with presentations and discussions. The purpose of learning is more about understanding so that students get more assignments in the form of case studies or critical analysis of various research journal articles. Moreover, all things related to lectures are arranged online starting from schedules, course information, campus event notifications, and others.

2. Netherlands as a Happy Country for Study Destinations

The Netherlands is declared as one of the happiest countries in the world based on life expectancy, generosity, social satisfaction, freedom and support. Of course, with its position as a happy country, this is also one of the advantages of studying in the Netherlands. Beside that, tuition fees in the Netherlands are also more affordable when compared to other countries.

3. Famous People Who Studied in Netherlands

You can get to know Werner Hans Peter Vogels who graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science at Amsterdam University. He is Amazon's chief technology officer and vice president. In addition, you will also find Barbara Visser who is a Croatian-Dutch politician from the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy.

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