3 Advantages of Studying in Ohio

Study in Ohio, Being an international student is very challenging. You have to own a well-prepared plan. It is important to stay focus on your education while in abroad. But sometimes, you may need recreational time that possibly gets you out of budget. Fortunately, once selecting Ohio as your educational destination, you will experience the following advantages.

1. Ohio has low cost of living

Compared to other states in the US, Ohio is rated as relatively low. It is about 23% lower than Massachusetts and 35% cheaper than California. With the low living cost, you can enjoy the more flexible spending to stay active and productive. it is even possible to explore not only the entire state but also its neighbourhood, like visiting Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

2. Ohio offers many education institutions to choose from

Having a lot of options gives you much relief to choose what schools that suits you at the best. Ohio is where you will find schools with various academic specific programs to offered. There are architecture, business, education, law, nursing, journalism, pharmacy, dentistry, public health, optometry, psychology and veterinary medicine. When it comes to public and state universities, Ohio also has many options. A good example especially if you are interested in education, you can go to the University of Dayton. Their Early Childhood Education program is even ranked as one of the best in the nation and can be accessed online.

3. Famous figures studying in Ohio

Ohio has many respectable universities which become the place where some notable figures gaining their degree.  One of them is Ohio State University, a public research university located in Columbus. As one of the top universities in the United States, OSU has produced many notable alumni. Take for example Nancy Cartwright, an American actress who is known for here voice acting. If you ever watched The Simpson series, she played the voice of Bart Simpson. Then, there is Piper Perabo, an actress and television producer who graduated from OSU with bachelor’s degree in theatre. She was known for her first debut in film Coyote Ugly. She also appeared in other movies like Cheaper by the Dozen series, Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Looper.