Study in Ottawa? Make Sure You Know These 3 Things

Study in Ottawa, Ottawa is the capital of Canada where the Prime Minister and Parliament are. Even so, you won’t feel stiff and boring living atmosphere. The city offers endless adventures and fun for students. There are more than 63 festivals held each year, national galleries and museums to visit and many more.

1. Many Places to Choose to Study

Importantly, you have many choices of place to study. You can find public schools, top quality universities and also a wide variety of course selection.

2. Education System

Ottawa has high quality education system, placing the city as the most educated one in Canada. You can consider to attend public, private or faith-based schools. Most of them use English as the instruction language. While studying at public schools (elementary and secondary) are free, you will be charged tuition fee when attending private educational institutions.

If you come from another country and may find difficulty in adapting yourself with the education system in Ottawa, you can seek for a help by joining tutoring and homework clubs.

3. Famous People Who Study in Ottawa

If you search for names of famous people who studied in Ottawa, you will surely find plenty. Some were born and grew up there while others might just spend their childhood moment before moving to another city. For example, Bryan Adams, Tom Cruise, Alanis Morrissette and Tom Green.