Top Reasons Why Choose Quebec as Study Destination

Study in Quebec, Quebec is a melting pot of multiculturism where you can see the modern America and charming Europe at one place. That is why it offers unique experience to study and live for students from all over the world. They come for some reasons, of course, i.e. low cost of education and living, safe environment, multicultural society and events, beautiful landscapes and chance to study French language.

1. Why Chose Quebec for Study

As education has important meaning to support the economy sector in Quebec, it is easy to find a study program you need. The city offers a number of colleges, universities and courses. They use both English and French as the language instruction.

2. Education System

Quebec applies secularism in their education system, be it public or private institutions. It consists of four stages:

  • Primary
  • Secondary
  • College
  • Universities

While primary and secondary education is free, it is a compulsory for children about 6 to 16 years old to attend schools. As an international student, you have three options of college to attend, i.e.: pre-university education, technical education and continuing education. After finishing the study in college, you can choose whether to continue the study level to a university or entering the workplace.

3. Famous People Graduated from Quebec University

There are many famous people are also reported to be graduates from top universities in the city. You can mention some like Tom Europe, Johnny Reid and Jake Eberts.