3 Things You Should Consider before Study in Switzerland

Study in Switzerland, Many people discourage their intention to study abroad because they imagine the cost is expensive. If so, why did you try to choose Switzerland as your study destination? Here are 3 things you need to know before studying in Switzerland.

1. Tuition Fees and Living Costs

The cost of living in Switzerland may be high but the cost of studying there is not. Tuition fees for international students at state universities are quite affordable. This is quite inversely proportional to the prices there, which are known to be expensive. When compared to the high quality of education offered by various Swiss universities, tuition fees there are actually quite cheap, especially for international students.

2. Career Opportunities and Social Networks

Switzerland is one of the world's financial centers so studying there can certainly offer more opportunities for social networking. Many campus programs in Switzerland provide students with hands-on experiences to meet people who can help achieve their goals. In addition, career opportunities in Switzerland are also good. Moreover, Switzerland is one of the countries with the highest average salary. Even students who take part-time work can get a decent extra pocket money.

3. Famous People Who Studied in Switzerland

One of very well know colleges and has succeeded in producing well-known figures in the world of science in Switzerland is the University of Zurich. Moreover, one of the alumni of the University of Zurich who must be familiar with is Albert Einstein. He is a Nobel laureate in physics.

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