3 Reasons Why You Should Study in Sydney

Study in Sydney, Sydney is one of the favorite cities to study abroad. What is the real attraction of Sydney so that it becomes a favorite educational destination in Australia? Here are 3 reasons why you should study in Sydney.

1. Have an Integrated Learning System

One of the advantages of studying in Sydney is that teaching and learning activities at the university are fun because it is integrated both inside and outside the classroom. In addition to participating in classroom learning activities with lecturers and lecturers who are reliable in their respective fields, you can also experience an amazing internship experience and have the opportunity to work with various important companies in Australia. This kind of learning activity can certainly be a valuable experience for later when entering the real world of work.

2. Offers Stunning Natural Panorama

Another reason for choosing Sydney as an educational destination is the beautiful nature it has to offer. One of them is Blue Mountain where you can see the amazing Three Sisters. In addition, you can also visit Fetherdale Wildlife Park to see various Australian animals. You can take advantage of your study time while occasionally taking vacations to tourist attractions in Sydney. Sydney’s temperate subtropical climate offers warm summers and cool winters. These things can make the learning atmosphere even more enjoyable.

3. Famous Figures Who Studied in Sydney

As one of the study destinations in the world, you can easily find famous figures who have studied there. You can find Elle Macpherson who is a model, television host, actor, and businessperson. She had studied law at the University of Sydney. In addition, you can also find Hotman Paris Hutapea who is one of the well-known and richest lawyers in Indonesia. Hotman successfully pursued a Master's degree in Legal Studies at the University of Technology Sydney.