Quick Facts before Studying in Tunisia

Study in Tunisia, Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa. it is also one of Maghreb countries bordered by Algeria, Libya and Mediterranean Sea. If you are interested to study in pleasant climate and friendly population, Tunisia is a great choice. Moreover, it has charming environment and modern infrastructure that attract thousand students from all over the world every year.

1. Academic and work opportunities

International students have many options regarding to education institutions and programs in Tunisia. They can access scholarships and work opportunities offered by most universities. As the medium of instruction is French, so, it is a must to first learn this language before applying for a program. If you are also interested to know more about Arab culture and Islam, learning how to speak Arabic in Tunisia is quite possible by getting along with locals.

2. Admission requirements

If you study in Tunisia as an international student, you need to obtain the student visa. The requirements may vary, depending on what nationality you come from. For the detail, you can contact the local Tunisian embassy in your country. To enter any university in Tunisia, there are some essential documents to provide, i.e.:

  • Certified copies of bachelor’s degree certification or any other equivalent diploma
  • Certified copies of your result slips regarding for your baccalaureate or any other equivalent diploma
  • Certified copies of university result slips if you have completed one or more years of higher education
  • Certified copies of result slips of each year if you have completed Master degree education

3. Famous people studied in Tunisia

The number of international students in Tunisia is increasing every year as it hosts many top universities. One of the best choices for higher education is University de Tunis-El-Manar or known as Tunis University. The current President of Tunisia, Kais Saied, even graduated from this university. Many of its graduates today are also known as famous politicians like Mohammed Ghannouchi, Abdelfattah Mourou and Habib Essid.