3 Reasons to Study in Uganda

Study in Uganda, Studying abroad is exciting. That is why many young learners spending time to do their researches about popular international study destinations and top universities in each country. For those looking for opportunity in Africa continent, Uganda can be a great choice to not miss. Why? Here are some great reasons to study in Uganda.

1. Affordable cost of living and study

Tuition fees of most universities in Uganda are relatively affordable, compared to other any other country. Though cost of living is also cheaper, students still can access part time jobs to support their financial needs. For accommodation, there are several choices like home-stays, dormitories and private apartments. Those who want to learn more about Uganda’s local culture, can live with a host family. They are usually much friendly and very appreciative towards students. Moreover, the safe environment makes it possible to enjoy 24-hour shopping experience.

2. Opportunities outside of university life

Uganda has many top tourist attractions. It gives a lot of opportunities for students enjoying life outside of the university. A famous writer, Winston Churchill even called Uganda as the Pearl of Africa in his 1908 book “My African Journey”. There is no doubt about it since this country really hides the incredible natural wonders, unique lifestyle, excellent climate, and friendly people that amazed the explorers. One of popular tourist destinations in Uganda is the Lake Victoria. It is known as the largest lake in Africa and the largest tropical lake in the globe.

3. Famous people studied in Uganda

Uganda has a number of academic institutions. Some are famous in the worldwide. Take for example Makerere University in Kampala. It is the largest and oldest university in Uganda.  Being known as the academic birthplace of notable politicians, artists and activities, Makerere University is considered as the most prestigious higher education institution in the country. Some of its famous alumni are Mwai Kibaki, a former president of Kenya; Janet Museveni, the First Lady of current Uganda’s president; and Jessica Alupo, the current vice president of Uganda.