3 Things to Know about Studying in Vancouver

Study in Vancouver, Intend to continue your studies abroad? Vancouver could be one of the best choices. For more details, see the following explanation.

1. Affordable Study and Living Cost

Studying in Vancouver is more affordable than in the US, but still, the city offers high-quality education. Students can get discounts when visiting museums, coffee shops, and fun attractions. International pupils also can access universal health care by applying for Medical Services Plan (MSP). By providing a globally known education system, graduates can use their educational background worldwide. For traveling around, Vancouver has an integrated transportation system called Translink that offers an efficient and comfortable ride. Students only need to use Compass Card to get on public transportation like SkyTrain and SeaBus.

2. Career Opportunity

Vancouver is one of the technology's central points in Canada. it means that there are many job opportunities related to this sector. Take for example video game development and programming. Being supported by the idyllic landscapes, this city is also famous as film making background. So, it becomes very reasonable when you find many fam celebrities used to study in Vancouver, like Kevin Smith, Niall Matter, Tara Spencer-Nairn, and Sara Canning.

3. Education System

Vancouver’s education system adapts to the high-quality standard run in the British Columbia region where it is located. Most of the public schools charge no tuition fee. Alternatively, children can go to private schools that provide more personal support and facilities to meet every student’s needs within the smaller classes. Kids with special needs can also take the advantage of the home-schooling and specialized education system provided by the private institutions. Another great thing about studying in Vancouver is the high number of options for those who want to pursue higher education. Choices are varied from small and more specialized institutions to big and world-known universities.